PAT Testimonials

PAT’s Impact for Families

Our parent educator is incredible. She took the time to understand our dynamic and actively tries to help us improve on our weak points. As a family we are stronger and communicate better because of her.

The program gave me confidence to speak up for my child at school and with her therapists. Now I feel like I can request information with confidence.

Our parent eductor, goes above and beyond to give our family information and support. We absolutely love her!

Without PAT, we would not have access to critical family support that we need to live as a more stable, healthy, educational and caring family.

I absolutely love the Parents as Teachers program! It has helped me become a better parent. My parent educator has helped me get food, diapers and so many other items for my home and child. I have learned strategies to parent that I didn’t know before.

Being part of the PAT program helped in many ways. The program helped me with reducing my stress level because it helped me [learn] new strategies to interact with my kids… and I was able to talk about my concerns.

Everything, literally everything about this program has been helpful and amazing for my family.

I was able to get connected to resources for my son, and got my daughter enrolled in daycare with my parent educator’s help.

This program has helped me to be a better mom. I have learned ways to teach my son.

I feel it gives me a reset button. I get overwhelmed with what I have to teach the kids, how to manage my home & somehow take care of myself. The class helps me to prioritize and prepare to make happy memories.

My parent educator is all heart. She advocates for her families, not just her kids. As a single mom, she checks in on me and my mental health. There were times that I thought about exiting the program… but I stayed because of her. At these appts, I was seen and heard too. My experience with PAT has been more than just handouts, activities, and books…PAT is more than just an education program – it’s family support.

[This program] helps me to build a good relationship with my daughter and to know about her growth and development.

It helps me focus solely on my kids and really interact with them for an hour or more that is designated especially for them.

The activities are the best! I love the way that they are created to use items from our homes and they are not expensive. It has been such a fun way to build attachment with my son.

I have learned to find a support system. My husband and I have learned to communicate better and become a strong parental unit. I am fascinated watching my child grow and develop and learn ways from my home visitor to encourage this growth with different activities.