Our Equity Commitment

Parent Possible developed the following equity commitment to examine and guide our policies, processes, and work within the broader community.

We believe every parent has the potential to be their child’s first – and most influential – teacher. However, we recognize that historical and systemic forms of oppression make this harder for some to achieve, and the legacy and ongoing impact of these systems harm the well-being of families with young children. As an organization, we commit to working towards a more just society by advancing policies, practices and priorities that dismantle systems of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and anti-immigrant sentiment.

To reach our mission of equipping parents with the tools and information to be their child’s most valuable teacher, trainer, and, mentor in life, we must confront systemic barriers and oppression. To that end, we pledge to:


Policies, Systems and Programs

• Recognize and remove inequities embedded in, or advanced by, our policies, systems, and programs.
• Embed equity principles throughout our internal and programmatic work.
• Advance and advocate for public, private, and philanthropic policies and practices that promote equity and a more just society. We will challenge systems and policies that create or further inequity, oppression, and disparity.
• Cultivate partnerships and prioritize site development within Colorado’s overburdened and under-resourced communities throughout the state.

Hiring/ Leadership 

• Challenge our own assumptions about what it takes to be a qualified applicant, employee, or leader within our organization, considering the legacy of racism, sexism, ableism, and other factors which have traditionally limited access to positions of power.
• Actively develop a diverse pipeline of applicants and leaders by expanding the communities and populations we engage with and target for employment and leadership opportunities.


• Advocate for, and support board engagement around how systemic inequities impact our work, and how we can advance equity to achieve our mission.
• Commit the resources necessary to reach greater diversity within our board specifically focused on racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity, as well as a diversity of lived experiences.

Ongoing Learning and Reflection

• Continue to build cultural responsiveness throughout the organization and work by creating formal and informal learning opportunities and an organizational culture that promotes continual education and growth.
• Promote, host, and provide trainings, conversations, and conference sessions on topics related to equity.
• Continually revisit key policies, decisions, and practices based on our ongoing learning and understanding.


We approach this work understanding the scope of the challenge before us. At times, we will fall short of our goals and make mistakes, but we will learn, adjust, and continue to work toward a more just society. We pledge to take on this work with courage, a sense of optimism and commitment to sustaining these efforts.