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2023 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

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Parent Possible Infographic 2021-22

Parent Possible Videos
Introduction to Parent Possible
When parents have support

Home visiting teaches parents…

Timeline of Parent Possible
Voices of home visiting

Larry H. Miller Award

Transforming parents’ confidence
2022 Conference highlights

Parents as Teachers (PAT)

Program Reports

2023 Program Report - PAT

2022 Program Report - PAT

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PAT 2022-23 State Snapshot

PAT 2021-2022 State Snapshot

PAT 2020-21 State Snapshot

PAT 2019-20 State Snapshot

PAT 2018-19 State Snapshot

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PAT Logic Model

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(Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters)

Program Reports

2023 Program Report - HIPPY

2022 Program Report - HIPPY

State Snapshots

HIPPY 2022-23 State Snapshot

HIPPY 2021-22 State Snapshot

HIPPY 2020-21 State Snapshot

HIPPY 2019-20 State Snapshot

HIPPY 2018-19 State Snapshot


HIPPY Logic Model

HIPPY 2018-2019 Evaluation


Vroom – Videos

You already have what it takes to be a Brain-Builder

McDonald’s Partnership

Using Vroom to Help Young Brains Grow Strong

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Brain Building Basics

Vroom – Documents

12 Days of Vroom Tips - English

Vroom Family Resource During Covid-19 (Spanish)

Los Doce Dias de Consejos de Vroom

Vroom Info & Partnership Guide

Statewide Implementation Framework

Enhanced Home Visiting

EHV 20-21 Progress Report

EHV Report

EHV One-pager

EHV Logic Model