Previous Conferences

Parent Possible Home Visiting Conference

Since 2017,  Parent Possible has hosted the annual Parent Possible Home Visiting Conference. The conference brings together home visitors, nonprofit partners, researchers, parents and others from across Colorado (and the nation) to focus on the most pressing issues facing home visiting programs.

Below you’ll see photos from previous conferences as well as a list of individuals and organizations recognized at the Conference for their excellence and contributions to the home visiting field in Colorado.

Thomas A. Fitzgerald PAT Parent Educator of the Year

The Thomas A. Fitzgerald PAT Home Visitor of the Year Award honors a PAT home visitor that has shown an exceptional commitment to home visiting and the families served through PAT. Named after Tom Fitzgerald, who dedicated his career to improving education for children in Colorado and introduced PAT to Colorado in 1989.


2023 – Elise Silva, Boulder County PAT (click to watch nomination video)

2022 – Erika Grohmann, Roots Family Center

2020 – Lety Mier, Growing Home

2019 – Patty Webb, Starpoint

2018 – Kristina Gorshe, Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo

2017 – Rose Oliva, Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo

Bernice Frieder HIPPY Home Visitor of the Year 

The Bernice Frieder HIPPY Home Visitor of the Year Award is named for Bernice Frieder, who was born and raised in Colorado and in 1991 she brought HIPPY to the state. She was a passionate advocate for families of young children and was said to be “tiny in stature but titanic in spirit.” We are pleased to honor Bernice by presenting this award to a HIPPY Home Visitor that displays the same spirit and commitment to families in Colorado.


2023 – Brenda Ortiz, North Range Behavioral Health Family Connects (click to watch the nomination video)

2022 – Gloria Fuentes, Mile High United Way

2020 – Marlene Gordo-Luna, North Range Behavioral Health, Family Connects

2019 – Adriana Escamilla Ysguerra, Clayton Early Learning

2018 – Sanaullah Abdur Rahim, North Range Behavioral Health, Family Connects

2017 – Irma Lopez, Jeffco HIPPY

Parent Possible Leadership Award  

The Parent Possible Leadership Award is meant to lift up and honor our Colorado PAT & HIPPY supervisors and coordinators for all of the incredible work that they do to support their home visitors, who are then able to better support their families.

2023 – Glenda Caridad, Focus Points (click to watch the nomination video)

2022 – Juanita Puga, North Range Behavioral Health, Family Connects

Erin Binford Social Justice Award

The Erin Binford Social Justice Award is named for Erin Binford who was a Senior Program Officer at the Buell Foundation. Erin’s work and her life were rooted in values of equity and inclusion and her impact on early childhood work in Colorado was vast. Each year we honor Erin by acknowledging the extraordinary work that an individual or group has done to increase equity, improve support for families, and transform our communities to create positive change.


2023 – Susan Steele

2022 – Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

2020 – Katherine Bair, PAT Trainer

2019 – Mary Martin, CDHS

2018 – Ida Rhodes, Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo

2017 – Janis Pottorff, North Range Behavioral Health, Family Connects

Vroom Champion Award

The Vroom Champion Award is meant to honor an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to the effort to share Vroom in Colorado. Recipients of this award embody the spirit of Vroom and its inspirational messages that remind parents that they already have what it takes to be a brain builder.


2023 – Jackie Manley, Community Partnership Family Resource Center

2022 – Elizabeth Chaney, Focus Points Family Resource Center

2020 – Kathleen Kennedy, Starpoint

2019 – Letty Bass, Merle Chambers Fund

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