Enhanced Home Visiting

Strengthening the Home Visiting Workforce

Parent Possible serves as the lead agency for the Enhanced Home Visiting (EHV) Project in Colorado, which aims to improve the social/emotional well-being and behavioral health of home visitors and supervisors. The project provides home visitors and supervisors with reflective consultation, workplace wellness and trauma informed practice consultation, mindfulness training and Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health professional development and Endorsement support. Through EHV, home visitors and supervisors are offered regular reflective consultations, training, and mindfulness support equipping them to better serve their local communities.

The EHV Project began in 2017 with seven home visiting sites in Metro Denver. In early 2021, the project expanded to six additional PAT and HIPPY sites throughout the state. In October 2021, the project expanded further to include all Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) PAT and HIPPY sites in Colorado. The EHV Project now includes 27 sites around the state thanks to the generous support of our funders.

Project Components

Reflective Consultation

This is the cornerstone of the EHV initiative and is required for all home visitors and supervisors participating in this project. Group reflective consultation takes place monthly with individual sessions provided on an as-needed basis.

Workplace Wellness

Each project year begins with a training focused on mindfulness activities and trauma informed care practices. Sites also participate in quarterly wellness consultations with a consultant.

Training & Endorsement

Training around infant or early childhood mental health, reflective supervision, and other related topics is provided. EHV participants are encouraged to pursue Infant or Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement.

Powerful Results

50% fewer families dropped out

Before the EHV project (2016-17) 29% of families left before completing the home visiting programs. In 2019-2020, only 14% of families exited before completion.

More ready to deal with burnout

Home visitors involved with EHV reported feeling more equipped to deal with burnout and secondary trauma as a result of their participation in the program.

More mindfulness and self-care

After participating in the project, home visitors report practicing more mindfulness and self-care activities and sharing similar strategies with the families they support.

Evaluation for the project demonstrates a positive relationship between participation in the EHV Project and home visitor retention, family retention, and community partnerships.

For the 2023 EHV Progress Report click here.

For more information on EHV in Colorado, please contact Christine O’Brien at christine@parentpossible.org.


Funding for EHV

Current funding from Caring for Colorado, The Comis Foundation and the Colorado Department of Human Services has contributed to the expansion of the project to sites across the state.


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