HIPPY Testimonials

HIPPY’s Impact for Families

Our daughters cherish the HIPPY Books and will never let them go. They want to read them over and over. It has given both girls strong imaginations and confidence with books and a love for bedtime to read together. Its something I never expected and am so thankful for!

It gives me some peace of mind that we are doing great things with our son and he is learning at a good pace. It is nice knowing that this program shares all sorts of tools to make sure we have our bases covered in preparing our son to be successful once he starts Pre-school/Kindergarten.

I like that my son is learning a lot of things and that there are different activities that engage him to wanting to learn more. I think that he will be ready for kindergarten.

I like how easy it is to follow the lessons. I like that it’s varied. He gets really excited that he gets to do something new every week.

It has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my child. Without HIPPY, I don’t think my child and I would have spent so much learning time together.

My son really looks forward to each HIPPY lesson and loves getting new books.

Que estamos mas involucrados, hacemos mas actividades en familia y usamos menos tegnologia.

I feel better knowing what early childhood education looks like, and being able to present that to my child in a way that is not just worksheets.

I have done HIPPY with all of my children. This has empowered me to be prepared to teach my children.

I like that the HIPPY curriculum are easy quick lessons I can do with kids and feel good about adding to their education. We like the books and the ease of the program.

I have enjoyed watching my daughter go from a shy toddler and turn into to a smart little girl.

I have seen my husband take a bigger interest in my daughters learning. I love watching them do the science and motor activities together.

We love that it bring us together

I am loving being my sons teacher and am much more confident in what I am doing to teach him