Stronger Families, Today and Tomorrow.

The past year has been a season of change here at Parent Possible. In the past few months we have changed our name, our logo, and our office location – but not our purpose. Every day we come to work thinking about how we can best ensure that every parent has the tools, information and confidence they need to be their child’s first and most important teacher. That will never change.

You are currently looking at our most recent change. In our quest to educate and empower parents, we realize that our community partners, funders, and supporters are a critical piece of the puzzle. While we rely on each of you to help us put that puzzle together, we also hope to leverage collective power that will allow us to spread our message wider and make our voice stronger. With this in mind, we plan to share our thoughts, our findings, and information, research and resources from our partners on with all of you on a regular basis. Our hope is that we can empower and educate in a quick and accessible way that allows you to share an interesting tidbit with your family at dinner, or pull out an amazing fact at your next happy hour that will spread our beliefs about the power of parenting and the importance of supporting families during their children’s earliest years.

While we are coming to the end of our season of change here (we think!) we are excited about the momentum we are building as an organization. We look forward to continuing our work and we appreciate the support, idea sharing, and collaboration that connects us to all of you that allows us to create Stronger Families, Today and Tomorrow.

– Heather Tritten, Executive Director