Parent Possible Art & Stories Contest 2017

Parent Possible recently held our annual Art & Stories Contest with PAT and HIPPY families across Colorado. We asked kids to create artwork showing us their superpowers, and parents to tell us how involvement in the PAT and HIPPY programs has empowered their family. Below are some examples of the AMAZING submissions that we received!

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How has participation in the PAT program empowered you or your family?

The PAT program has prepared my children to be persevering people, learning through trying, and to be little ones full of imagination through reading and making habits of developing language and imagination.

At the same time, I as a mother learn new things – to make time to teach my kids and show them new and basic things. And to not be afraid if I’m doing it right or wrong. Each activity is educational and has the purpose of developing something new and learning day by day. The PAT program has taught me to give “quality time” and not “quantity time”. Because we have both learned, children and parents, that 15 minutes can be 15 minutes of love, patience, and knowledge. That way we can analyze the improvement of our kids as well as our own. And to know that if they can do it and achieve it, is because they learned from the parents, and we learned it from PAT.

– Marisol, Focus Points Family Resource Center

How has participation in the HIPPY program empowered you or your family?

My couple really appreciate the HIPPY program’s great help. Because it provides us more knowledge and playful to educate my daughter. Frankly, we constantly pursue the methods to improve her cognitive, physical, and psychological development. When we got the information about the HIPPY program, we knew that this program is what we were looking for. The HIPPY program provides us the scientific strategies for us to educate my daughter, including many kinds of subjects, such as math, science, literacy, motor activities. Through these helpful and meaningful activities, we can deeply understand how to improve bilingual language learner’s development. This program not only provides us strategy, but also the educational philosophy. I think that is the most important, such as putting the children’s interests first, and let children learn something from playing. In short, this program enriches our powers to improve our child’s growth.

-Lili, Jeffco HIPPY