Become a Partner

Vroom Partner Benefits

Parent Possible provides the following benefits to our partners:

  1. Free or reduced-cost Vroom materials from Parent Possible
  2. Free staff training, classes, and demonstrations
  3. Ongoing support and technical assistance with Vroom products
  4. Vroom qualifies for Colorado Shines Points 2.8 & 2.10
  5. News, social media mentions, networking opportunities (we love to highlight the great work of our partners through our network and social media channels!

Steps to Becoming a Vroom Partner

Contact Shelby Jones (, our Vroom Program Director, to set up a partnership meeting by completing the form below.

  1. We’ll create a Partner Plan, order your materials, and schedule your training
  2. Shelby will check in with you regularly to make sure everything is going well! All we ask of you is to complete a short annual partner survey and initiate contact with Shelby when you need new materials or training for new staff.
  3. Shelby will use our newsletter and our Basecamp collaborative portal to connect you to other partners across our state, make announcements about new Vroom materials, events, and networking opportunities, and share data to show you the impact we’re making throughout Colorado together!